Facebook Case Studies

We have many but here is some results..

Case Study 1

This client started with Blurt Social in December 2019 and wanted to increase the awareness and sales of a new product. Within one week we activated a full brand campaign and restructure and delivered an extremely successful campaign.

We setup multiple adsets targetting different products and audiences. Results are:

5.56 ROAS

Spent £3003.21 and £16,698.91 returned.

Case Study 2

Large Ecom Client which has been with Blurt Social since May 2019. We replaced their media buyer to make a dramatic impact in the ecommerce fashion market. We did a full campaign restructure and had a guideline of minimum 2.0 ROAS due to the nature of competitive within this space. In a competitive fitness fashion market we jumped to the challenge and results are below:

2.90 ROAS

$825,973.55 returned.

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